Export from Inkscape: No Toolbar, No Canvas, Bad Scale.

Export from Inkscape: No Toolbar, No Canvas, Bad Scale.

I just learned about Synfig and downloaded 1.0 for Windows 7 64bit a couple days ago. I keep trying to import an Inkscape file to Synfig for animation, and I keep running into problems.

I have attempted to use the export tool in Inkscape to export the file to .sif.
I have attempted to use the import tool in Synfig to import a plain .svg.

When using the export tool from Inkscape, I get a .sif file which is properly in scale. However, when I open the file, the animation toolbar is missing.
When using the import tool in Synfig, the image is huge. Resizing the canvas also seems to resize the image, so that no matter how large I make the canvas, the image “inflates” to match the size. In attempting to select all layers and select all handles to scale down the image, I have several issues, not the least of which being that gradients and line thickness fail to scale.

I have tried to save the .sif as a .sifz. I do not know how to toggle the animation toolbar.

Any help or tips would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.


Just change the end time to something different than zero.

Take a look at canvas properties dialog for more infos