Export a canvas, can't add another layer inside the group

Is it normal behavior that it’s not possible to add layers to an exported canvas ?
(i did’nt found anything about that in wiki/buggenie/forum)

step to reproduce
-create a composition, for example a star
-group the composition
-export the group (right click on group’s canvas parameter, choose export)
try to add layer inside the group : nothing happen … even a message.

0.64.1 or 0.65.dev

I’m using 0.63, but I think this still works the same. After right clicking the canvas parameter to export a box should come up asking you to name the canvas. (In this example I chose “star”.) After exporting the canvas you will no longer be able to edit in in the main window. You must:

  1. click on the canvas browser tab (the big green dot tab in the tools window above the layers window.)
  2. click the small triangle to the left of the current .sifz file (it should be “Sinfig Animation 1” unless you’ve renamed your save file.)
  3. in the drop down list look for the canvas you’ve just created, click it, and it will open in a new window where it can be edited.