Explanatory tooltips for Render Setting dialogue parameters

I’m always in doubt when I have to set the Render Settings before exporting a target.

For this reason I’m proposing to add tooltips for Quality and Anti-Aliasing parameters as shown here:

The only issue I’m facing is about the Quality parameter.
From the wiki it is not clear what that parameter could result into…

Does anyone have a clear idea so that we can inform all users with an accurate answer?

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Quality value effect is defined by layer rendering code.

Blur can be totally disabled depending on quality value.

Another layer type uses cubic interpolation for lower values, linear for medium range and no interpolation calculation in the upper bound.

Quality can be interpreted as Quality Loss, actually.

0 - “perfect” - the current best implementation and full-effect.
9 - draft rendering

I can see it in legacy render engine, but I don’t know if it afffects Cobra.

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Not clear ? :stuck_out_tongue:


  • Quality - Set the quality of the rendering. Quality changes behavior of some layers, not all of them. For example Motion Blur layer renders more subsamples based on quality values in intervals. Quality 3 and 1 are mostly the same in all cases, so if 3 is enough, then leave it as 3 .

    • Default quality is 3 .
    • 1 is the highest quality but with the longest rendering time.
    • 9 is the lowest quality but renders faster.
    • 0 is even lower than 9 and seems to disable alpha channels as well.
  • Anti-Aliasing - Set the amount of anti-aliasing. Accepts values between 1 and 31 , although values above 3 is very subtle improvements and hard to notice it’s also hugely increases the rendering time.

    • 31 is the highest anti-aliasing amout but with the longest rendering time.
    • 1 is the lowest anti-aliasing amout but renders faster.
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IMHO that page does not give a definitive answer (at least in the way it’s written).

When I read “seems to disable alpha channels” what I understand is “my guess is but cannot be sure about it”.

If I look at the wiki I understand: Quality = 0 means worst quality possible (1 to 9 then 0), while if I listen to @rodolforg I understand Quality = 0 means best quality possible (0 to 9).