exchanging the picture while keeping the motion

Hello everyone, I’m very new to synfig and I hope this question is trivial, yet I haven’t found the answer on google:

I made an animation of a bus driving around a snowy landscape, in which the bus just wiggles around and the landscape drives by behind. Now I would like to edit the bis a little and have done so in the .png file from where it was imported. Now the question is if there is a way to replace the included .png while keeping all the wiggling and moving and scaling (because that took a while to do).

Many thanks n advance,

Select the original png in the Layers Panel and change its filename to the new png in the Parameters Panel. Make sure you are at the start of your animation otherwise you will get two different png’s.
edit: make a backup or work on a copy before you make major changes… 8)

Awesome! This works! Thank you very much :smiley: (actually also the tip about saving saved me, because i first changed the wrong thing and didn’t see any png any more)