Errors with the bones

When I cut from the file and paste to other file, I see it, because my file have bone’s layers. So, what can I do for solving this problem? :frowning:

I want to paste many files with bones in one.

Oh, so it’s a week of broken bones on the forum? Great.

Unfortunately, you cannot copy-paste bones from different files. The issue is being worked on, so hopefully we get an update somewhat soon.

You can send me your file in a private message and I’ll fix it for you.
It’s a bit complicated to do it yourself if you’re not a tech savvy person.

Not gonna work at the moment, instead import you characters with bones into your current scene through Menu->File->Import.

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We should at least provide a script that can repair the files.
Would you mind to describe your process?

Of course, from my experience there are two ways bones can mess up the file.

First is the “Skeleton Deformation” layers which throws errors like in this topic: “bone is missing link”. In this case you just remove all “Skeleton Deformation” layers from the XML file. You check the line number* in the error message and locate something like this in the XML: <layer type="skeleton_deformation" active="true" exclude_from_rendering="false" version="0.2"> and delete everything from here to closing </layer> tag.
* The libxml2 uses a word to store line number so if you see a number 65535 the error is somewhere further down. The libxml2 is good library.

Second are the orphan bones which will throw errors like so: <bone_valuenode> *line number* error unexpected element or something like <bone_valuenode> *line number* error Bad data in <bone_valuenode> . In this case bones were attached to a spline and you need to remove it from every spline. In XML perform search for “bone_valuenode”, from there you will see something like this:

                            <param name="bline">
                              <bline guid="B45AB1A4A63FCEE294988D5193182398" type="bline_point">
                                  <bone_link guid="9123257F3E9FC952E0C5D6B721137BAF" type="bline_point">
                                      <bone_valuenode type="bone_object" guid="77105EE4FB8420FD28AF72FE02D26734"/>

Remove everything from bone_link to base_value. Then, down the spline structure, remove closing tags: </base_value> and </bone_link>.


Thank you! At least something. I will trying it soon.