Error when sudo make install for synfigstudio

I got the first to compiled and installed. Everything was going fine until i tried to make install for the studio. then I got a whole screen of this message:

splash screen.sifz:vector>:65535:warning: Layer rejected value for

Any ideas where i went wrong or how to fix this. Thanks!


During synfigstudio building, the splash image and all the icons are rendered using the libsynfig libraries obtained form the installation of synfig. If you have an old synfig version and it is first in the path, then it is used instead of the new one recently installed. Old versions cannot read properly new sifz files.

Be sure that you have removed any trace of the old version before start to build anything.


I got to work by copying and remaining on of the .png files in the synfigstudio folder. I am sure that the splash screen that I see when it starts up is the wrong one (it is a left arrow) but the program works. Thanks for your help!!

If you don’t rendered the icons or the splash properly and you made a workaround to have them, probably you’re using old libraries with a new GUI. This might cause problems because synfigstudio waits some signals provided by synfig-core that maybe are different between versions.