Error when running synfig

When i try to run synfig, i just get the following error message:

I have windows Vista Home Premium,
2gig of ram
Dual Core Prosessor

I dont currently, but i have had Gimp installed and fully working on this system before.

Can somebody please help me with this, thanks.

sorry that message didnt work properly (sorry, i should have previewd first), this is the message i got:

Windows Vista Home Premium
2 gb Ram
Dual Prosessor

Can somebody please help, thanks.

I hope this weekend I can access to a Windows Vista Laptop Intel dual core with synfig installed and would try to make it run.
I’ll report in the forum more detailed results on the tests I’ll do.

Seems like this is probably covered by the FAQ: … located.3F

yh, i’ve read the faq on that and the messages are different, slightly.

Hi Alex,
Slightly different messages, but I think the problems is fundamentally the same. The XMLparse.dll is a library that’s used by many programs. Unfortunately, they all install their own versions. If I search on my PC, I see 5 versions installed. (by Gimp, Inkscape, Quicken, VmWare and Synfig/GTK).
Check how many you have, where they’re located, and then look at your PATH environment variable, and see if one other than the one in c:\GTK\bin is being found first. (I have c:\GTK\bin first in my PATH)