error when building from SVN

Hi, new guy here…

I had successfully built Synfig on Ubuntu Gutsy, but now that I’ve upgraded to Hardy, compiling synfig-studio from the SVN fails and I get a message saying error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
Typing synfig in the terminal gives me the same error. I’m following the tutorial, have all of the required dependencies, there is no older version installed, synfig-core compiles just fine, and searching for tells me it’s in /usr/local/lib. So… I’m kind of lost. A little help please?

Thanks in advance

From the build instructions:

Try that.


Thanks, but I did - no effect.

try “ldconfig” in root maybe ? (or “sudo /sbin/ldconfig”)
It should update the shared lib links.

Search these files/dirs for mention of /usr/local/lib:


If there is not, it means your distro is broken by default, or you did something bad to break it.

Also try sudo ldconfig

YES! ldconfig did the trick. Thanks!