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hello all,

thanks to the help i got in this forum, I solved a big problem and now I have another :frowning: .
I worked on an animation yesterday then saved it in synfig file. today, i opened it to carry on with my work , but couldn’t edit anything.

whenever i tried to change the size or whatever, i got that message

The value you are trying to edit is in a composition
which doesn’t seem to be open. Open that composition and you
should be able to edit this value as normal.

What should I do?


You’re linking to another file from within this file. Find and open that file and you should be able to edit.

Sorry if i sound dumb, :blush: but i can’t get what you mean by linking to a file…
I tried to paste the encapsulated canvas into a new file…and it’s the same message i get… as though my encapsulated canvases are locked.

Yes, it is then linked to the old file.
Could you post your .sifz here? I will be easier to say whats wrong then.

Sorry if i posted this topic twice. I thought that I was wrong to post it in the drawing section.

I am really new here and i don’t know how things work. As for your reply, again sorry I don’t know how I can post the .sifz here. :blush:

No worries. I’ll move this topic into Synfig related help. :slight_smile:

Below the text entry box when writing a reply there is another box where it says “Filename” and a filebox. Here you can select the file from your local computer and upload it to the forum.

Hi, I have done as you told me… Hope I’ve done it right.
My animation is not finished . :blush:

The program is crashing too often…is it my computer?hope1.sifz (5.14 KB)
hope.sifz (5.13 KB)

It’s looking for a file called sp1.sifz.

You can unlink them but than involves editing the hope.sifz file itself in a text editor. If you upload sp1.sifz also I can try and unlink them for you.

Ok I’ll do that

Here it is
sp1.sifz (9.53 KB)

Thank’s. I had a quick try with editing your files but didn’t get it to work properly and I am a bit short on time for looking into it more deeply.
What you have to do is keep the sp1 open while you animate in hope-file. The animation will then be in sp1 but you animate it through hope. You’ll have to make sure to save sp1-file as well otherwise animation is lost if only hope is saved. There is a “Save all” button in the Synfig toolbox that saves all open animation files.

Thanks. I’ll follow ur instructions

Thanks again for your time

Wow, ur a genius! with the two of them open I can edit…
I know that you don’t have time but could you please answer this set of questions when u have free time?


What makes two files linked? and how to avoid this? How can i know that 2 files or more are linked?

Thanks for your patience and continuous help.


If you import one exsiting file into other being edited, you’re really linking the imported file inside the other being edited.
To avoid this you can open the file that you want to copy and selecting all the layes click on copy then paste in the other document.
If the copied layers have exported parameters it would remain linked to its own file, though. It is a issue that we are discussing to try to find a solution more satisfactory for all the users.