Error-message- 65535- existing sifz-animation file can´t be opened


I can´t open my animation, getting the attached error message. The problem occured for the first time - after I accidently sorted my layers (and I don´t know if there is a relation), resorted it, closed the document and now its unpossible to open it again :frowning:

The message says (I try to translate the german parts), so it says something like this:

Kann “…myfile.sifz” nicht laden:
*"…myfile.sifz::65535:error: … weist fehlende Verknüpfung 0 (item0000) auf

Unable to load “…myfile.sifz”
*"…myfile.sifz::65535:error: …missing connection 0 (item0000)

Thanks al lot for any help or suggestions!!



Did you copy and pasted a skeleton?

And could you provide your .sifz file?

Thanks for your reply!
No, I did not copy and paste a skeleton. No skeleton at all in the file.
I really have not done anything different than what I do with synfig since about one year, except of the already mentioned accidental layer sorting.
The file contains external png-files (which never caused problems before) and I copied layers from other temporarily imported .sifz and .sif-files - nothing new here and never any problems before.
I unfortunately can´t provide the .sifz-file out of containing internal client data. I´m already starting the work again … :frowning:

Ok. It should be something related to external files renaming/exclusion/movement :wink: