Enve | A new open-source 2D animation software for Linux

This looks interesting. https://maurycyliebner.github.io/

I work as a graphics designer (mostly 3D animations). Back in 2016, I was working on a short 2D vector animation. I tried creating it with Synfig, but for some reason, I found it unusable. I am not trying to discredit Synfig, I am sure there are people who use it successfully. It simply did not feel right for me at the time.

I ended up using After Effects, which was a lackluster experience. During that time, out of frustration, I opened the Qt Creator and started a new project called AniVect. Back then I did not have any plans for it, I just wanted to write some code. I had no prior experience with graphics related programming, so I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

Introducing enve, free/libre 2D animation tool | Libre Graphics World

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Hi good night, and happy new year 2020,
You program looks nice

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