Enhanced Canvas Encapsulation

Currently I’ve been trying to animate something of Studio quality, and Synfig was ideal for the job as I don’t have to work on in-betweens. Problem is that sometimes dealing with complicated drawings, such as various clothing of a character, takes up more time than simply drawing it Frame-By-Frame in ToonBoom in the same design. But then again, the quality I attempted was something akin to huge studios like Gainex who have hundreds of animators working on a single episode. Still, we need to come up with ways to build and animate faster, like Blender does.

That aside, my big frustration was Encapsulation. You see, since Synfig does not support Camera as of yet I decided to make a character and animate it, then zoom the character in to give the illusion of a camera moving forwards. I tried Genete’s method:

Encapsulate > Export Canvas > Double Click Child Canvas > Animate.

Then I arrived at yet another problem. After animating the entire thing, I accidentally animated some complex parts at the parent Canvas rather than the child, and didn’t want to redo the process. I wanted to zoom in the encapsulated canvas, and thus selected selected every object in it and zoomed it in. The first frame seemed fine, but the rest of the frames where the animation had taken place were horribly distorted.

I arrived to the conclusion that the problem lies in the nature of Encapsulation. When Encapsulated, the objects aren’t treated as one entity and scaled at relevant dimension, but each layer is treated as an individual object. I request a feature that would enable the scaling of the Encapsulated Group as one entity, as a whole, and still maintain the animation therein whether it has been exported or no. It would really help us out. :frowning:

EDIT: Currently the only workaround I can think of is rendering the animation, re-importing them as a series of images and zooming them in. Any better ideas?

i’m agree, i don’t worl yet at the same complexity as you do, but i had some problems with Encapsulated layers because of this, it would be handy to have the EL as you say, as one entity