Emptying Groups sometimes closes Synfig

Sometimes when I move all the layers out of a Group and put them in a different Group or place them outside of all the Groups, Synfig closes without showing an error message, and autosaving, in this case, doesn’t work. Other times, Synfig stays open and I can delete the empty Groups.

Hello @TheIanKirby .
Thank you for reporting. What is your Synfig version and your OS?

Synfig Ver. 1.4.2
OS: Windows 10 (Home)

Thank you for the info.
I’ll check it later next week, I hope.
In the meantime, could you test your file (without saving) with current development version?

Same things happen. Am I supposed to uninstall my stable version first to test it properly?

Could you make a screencast? I can’t even move more/drag than one layer simultaneously XD

That’s what I did. I move each layer one by one. Once the group’s last layer moves out, that’s when it gets empty (and closes Synfig sometimes).

Did you notice if it is a particular layer type the last one you move? Like blur or something like that?

If you are able to make a screen record that catches the crash would be pretty useful for solving this issue. I tried some times here but I couldn’t make the crash happen.

I don’t notice any particular layer causing this crash, but I do know that all these crashes could happen with Outlines, Groups (that were inside the group I was emptying), Squares, Regions, Circles, and maybe Advanced Outlines.

In this video, it didn’t close Synfig instantly when there’s an empty group, unlike the other times. Also in the video, it suddenly closes Synfig when I tried to move an outline layer out of a group.

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@KonstantinDmitriev @ice0 maybe it is a Gtk issue here?
When he dragged the rows, look at the top left corner of screen… the drag “icon” is there. Around 27s.

I didn’t notice that. If it’s a Gtk issue, would that mean you’re unable to fix it?

Let’s have a look at this c++ - GTK3: Mouse vanishes when using drag and drop - Stack Overflow
and Drag and drop doesn't work + multiple visual issues (#681) · Issues · GNOME / gtk · GitLab
It seems Gtk 3.22 is a bit buggy especially under Windows.
3.24 should solve a lot of issues (for tablets also), but will it be compatible with our build system?

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Hi guys!

I can reproduce this issue, currently working on it.


3.24 should solve a lot of issues (for tablets also), but will it be compatible with our build system?

I think yes. We currently switched to 3.22.30, this also fixed some issues from older builds.