Eliminate part of a bline?

So i’ve been trying to draw a smurf in synfig, but i’ve been having trouble with the bline on the nose. Since in the picture i’m refrencing on to draw this smurf has a border line in the specific place i’m trying to show one, but not fully around it since i just used the bline on the nose which is a polygon. So what i’m asking is there a way to remove part of that bline so that it looks right.
This is the smurf i’m refrencing off of

If I understand correctly, you basically want a non-continuous outline - right?

If so, one way to get it is to put an extra duck (vertex) or two where you want the line to disappear, then set the width on that duck(s) to zero.

I suppose you could also draw a region (fill) shape for the body of the nose without a corresponding outline, then draw two or more outlines (as needed) and stitch them to the fill region, leaving a gap where ever you wanted. If you follow this approach, there is an overview of linking ducks here:


And one on issues involved in stitching here:



EDIT: Well, after looking more closely at the reference picture, I’m not sure I’ve addressed what you want, but maybe it’ll give you some ideas. For instance, you could use approach #1 to make it so that the underside of the nose has no apparent outline.

Ok now i feel stupid…drawing a rectangle got rid of it…now i can concentrate on the rest of the his body…hopefully

Since 0.62.02 version, the Sewing Bline stitch problems has dissapeared so you can happily sitch blines without worry about the direction of the bline.
In fact, since 0.62.02, tangents ducks of the bline are the same color (yellow).


I’m not sure i truly understand what you’re saying genete

Read this:

:open_mouth: Oh now that makes since! Now if i could just make the bline work for that mouth…sheesh characters like smurfs are not as easy as they look :blush: