Eldruin's branch?

Is Eldruin still working on the ffmpeg branch? I built it today, but the mpg target appears to cause synfig to crash. Are there any new binary files that need to be distributed?


No binary functional yet. He is implementing a target options for the renderer. He has started by ffmpeg but the frame work was needed to be done for all them at the same time. There is not current binary working. There is a dummy merge in msater that added nothing to the code. An unexperienced newbie commit ^_^´´
Regarding to binaries that might be distributed you can try with the current master one. It has the latest nikitakit improvements implemented. And the single thread applied to master with the fix for the chekbox for the settings dialog.

I saw the single thread default and check box working correctly - thank you!
I haven’t played with Nikitakits updates yet.

I was just happy that my build environment was still working after 2 months of Windows patches. :wink: