Educational 2d animation Videos for Kids made with FLOSS tools

Salamu alaikum,

Since i’m a mother of two kids, i’m using Free/Libre and Open Source Software tools to create Educational 2d animation Videos for Toddlers and PreSchoolers, and help them learn Arabic, English and French languages in a funny and entertaining way.

Here are the tools i’m using since i’m not very good at drawing :

My newest creation is this :

I’m searching how to use the exported node values and canvases, to create more good looking animations with ease.

Thank you all for this great software project that is Synfig Studio, and this helpful community.

Here is my Youtube Channel : … 5qoR4h6_AQ
where 2d animations are the result of FLOSS tools and Creative Commons Sounds and Graphical Arts usage.

Salamu alaikum,

Here is the best i could do with synfig till now :

I still do not know how to use the node value export thing in Synfig, but i’ll try my best and get back to you with my new creations.

Once again I really thank the synfig community for this great opportunity that they gave us to teach the Arabic language to our kids with ICT

Hi there,

Animation is of course simple but artwork (done in Inkscape?) is great. Good job, it’s nice to see Synfig in educational field.

It’s pretty simple in general, but depends of what you’re trying to achieve. In some cases, export/link is not enough and you have to do some conversions, then it can become complex. If you’re stuck, post your question in ‘Support’ section of the forum and someone will have a look.

Salamu alaikum,
Thank you for your prompt reply,

The artwork comes essentially from FreePik and OpenClipArt. I’ve only cut each animal apart using Inkscape.

The Introductory 15 minutes has been worked on with GIMP (Layers)

The Sound has been recorded with my Android Phone (With Noise reduction activated by default on the phone) and then edited with Audacity

The Video editing has been done with OpenShot (Although the meta data of the videos are destroyed which i think is bad for a video editing software) As an example, Synfig renders videos with ffmpeg/LibAV and fill by default the Title metatag of the video. But once i do some video editing with OpenShot, even the title metatag gets destroyed.

I’m scripting in Bash to generate and create many videos from the same SIF animation file.

Here is a playlist that gathers the results of this first experience combining Free/Libre and Open Source Software to create 2d animation videos for kids, with (Debian GNU/Linux, Bash shell, GIMP, Inkscape, Audacity, Synfig, OpenShot):