Eclipse demonstration

Second demo of our start-up company. :mrgreen:

We’re hard-core on opensource tools, and hence Synfig and Blender (and Remake) are our primary tools to work with.

Very nice!
I’m curious, who is your customer for those animations?

We don’t actually have specific clients just yet. So our current target is to create educational videos for both children and adults in every subject imaginable (starting with science and astronomy). Right now we’re doing simple kids stuff, but we also have plans to introduce complex topics for teens and above, such as quantum physics and politics. :smiley:

Of course, the videos will be distributed for free. But that also means we have to be clever to figure out where to get our finance from.

Very nice and sympathic, i really like the camera/background transition between the scenes.

I wish you all the best for this project.

I agree with that. It all looks simple but you manage to pull out some complex stuf out of your (synfig)sleeve.

Great work!

But I still missed some sound fx and background music. :smiley: