Easier way to make child bone point to things?

Hi! I’m trying to create a control system that makes bones point to circles so I can animate a bit easier. This requires the bones to rotate independently of the parent and that I have the global position of both the parent and child to run an atan between the distances. The only way I seem to be able to achieve this is by subtracting the parent bones angle from the current bone’s angle and the position from the position bones. It’s so slow moving some bone controls and some of the ones closer to the orgin cause the program to crash because of how many bones have to move at once with so many conversions happening at the same time. Am I over complicating this? Is there a better way to achieve this?

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I don’t know why you want child bones independent of its parents… but you can have “sibling” bones. Just remove their parents in the parameter panel

That’s the problem, I don’t want the child bones to be entirely independent of the parent, just the rotation of the bones.