Dynamics linked to skeleton layer

Dynamics in Synfig linked to a skeleton layer that is linked to a vector shape.
Click on image to view animation.

match.sifz (3.32 KB)


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wow!! I was expecting this!! :smiley:

hey guys, i can’t open this in 1.3.0…
it just crashed straight away :cry:

Sorry to hear that. I made it in 1.2.0. Maybe that is the reason.
If there is enough of demand I could make a written tutorial. This is easy to reproduce.

thanks! i do interested as i’m not so good at understanding dynamics :smiley:

wait, does that count as a bug or more of compability issue…? :unamused:
i decided rollback to 1.2.0 right away after encountering this issue

That was a bug, but it’s already fixed in master.

Thank goodness!! :smiley:
any idea of when the next dev version will come out? :unamused:

I’m not involved in making builds currently, but since there’s already 1.3.1 tag in git, it might be quite soon.

yup!! already upped on morevna project site!! :mrgreen: