Dynamic conversion report.

i have played a little with dynamic conversion and it’s another very powerful feature !

  • segfault : connect origine (star4) to origineg1 (dynamic value node) before disconnect, rendering produce segfault
  • freeeze : disconnect origine (star4), connect origine (star4) to origineg1 (dynamic value node) and render.
  • freeze : negative moment of inertia produce rare things (or even segfault), rendering freeze.

DynamicStars.sifz (5.98 KB)

Synfig Revision ID: 397f4b

Origin subparameter is used internally to be the subparameter of a derivative convert type. It is needed to calculate the second derivative of the origin to use it in the equations. Code connects the origin to that subparameter before the dynamic is evaluated. Disconnecting it can cause weird things. Just export it and use the exported. Do not disconnect it. Maybe it could be avoided to be disconnected writing cide to avoid it but I didn’t code that.

Valid values for mass, inertia, spring and damping “constants” is responsibility of the user. The possible chaos of the equations due to strange values is not internally considered. You get the output of the input you set… :wink: