Durian new Blender Open Movie project!

Blender Institute announced the 3th Open Movie project.

The aim of the project is creating short 3D animation in fantasy style and enhance a Blender application, they are using only Open Source apps, the movie will be open too.
the last 2 projects, Orange - Elephants Dream
and great Peach - Big Buck Bunny

Maybe some day Synfig will take a part in creating a Open Movie. :smiley:

[size=85]Sorry for my English[/size]

You mean IS

Oh my, and there is one :smiley: , nice. I’m curious how it will look at the end :slight_smile:

I found interesting statement of Ton Rossendaal on Durian coments in news.

What do you think about that? In my opinion Synfig lacks in PR zone I will say. More stability and easier to manage interface, could help, bigger community means more developers.

I’m trying on my polish comunity to advertise synfig but we (as a community) need to try more and maybe cooperate with other communities.

I’d say we’re a little short in areas 1,2, & 3 right now. :frowning:


Yes, I know, this is because Synfig is quite young so it’s not well known.