Duplicating waypoints for different components

I’m trying to make a mountain-forming animation:

But my way of creating animation is very tedious. I have to do the same thing for several components just to output the same effects: to make the triangles start at different heights and follow a vertical path to their original position:

Hence, I want to know whether there is an option to copy and paste waypoints into different components.

However, if there isn’t, may I suggest animation features similar to those of Roblox? It allows adding keyframes (or waypoints in Synfig) - with a plus icon instead of having to move a component 2 times - that record the current position of parts. In addition, any keyframe duplication implements a spatial change, facilitating my problem above.

I’m new to Synfig and this forum. Any suggestions for improvement would be appreciated.

P.S. Videos (will) expire(d) on 26/6/2024

Edit BobSynfig: Download/Reupload of the videos on Imgur to avoid expiration
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