Duplicating keyframe trouble.

Everytime i duplicate a keyframe, it distorts my figure (Chararacter) I am trying to animate. It streaches, and gets out of place in some of the previous keyframes. I am working in the exported canvas. Is there anyway to avoid this?

This seems to happen only during the first time duplicating frames. It effects some of the previous keyframes, and some of the after the duplicated keyframe.

So, I tried to tweek the vertices back into place for each distorted keyframe, but I couldn’t do it %100 but its passable. After that I continued to duplicate the following keyframes, and I didn’t have any problems duplicating. My main concern is trying to avoid this again. The only way I can think of is to do each keyframe manually, but I’d rather not.

I’ve posted the example here because I don’t know if I’ve explained it right. The body is supposed to be straight and has a slight up and down bounce only. It isn’t supposed to be moving left and right at all (except the crown and the tail feathers). Before I did anything, the Left and right arm detatches, the body moves inward (the verticies move inwared) and the upper and lower were stretching and moving around some.

Hi Eric1223,
Before explain what’s happening I would like to explain you what duplicate a keyframe means:
A keyframe is a pose: A set of values on a given time. Akeyframe is per canvas, so if a keyframe exists, then the keyframe is for the entire canvas.
That set of values on a given time is given by the values of the parameters of the layers at that time, even if there is one waypoint there or not.
For example:
if you have a waypoint at 0f and other waypoint at 2s the parameter will have a value at 1s based on the waypoints at 0f and 2s its values and its interpolation in/out values. So although there is not a waypoint on 1s there is a value there (the interpolated).
Keyframes are designed to keep those values at the vigen time. How it keeps the values at the given time depends on the lock keyframe status. For example if you have a keyframe on the frame 1s on the previous example, and you modify the parameter at 1,5s then it happens this:

  1. The program checks if the lock keyframe “past”. If it is “on” then it look up on the left of the time you modified the parameter and look for a existing keyframe. If the keyframe doesn’t have a waypoint on that parameter yet, it would create a new waypoint there to keep the previous interpolation value untouch on that time.
  2. If before it findf a keyframe it finds a waypoint on the search to the left it stop searching and doesn nothing. The existing waypoint ‘cuts’ the effects of the new waypoint you’re going to interoduce on the edition time (1,5s)

What happen when you duplicate a keyframe? It happens exactly the same. When you duplicate a keyframe it duplicates its waypoints too and those waypoints have the effect over the surrounding keyframes as I have described above.

You might think: “Ok, and so, why the poses aren’t respected?” Poses are respected. What is unexpected are the interpolation between poses. This is because the default interpolation (TCB) is not so good for that type of workflow. TCB has overshotting when used on the timeline: See this thread: viewtopic.php?f=14&t=1603

So what you’re seeing is those unwanted bounces produced by the TCB interpolation.

The good news is that a new type of interpolation is going to be released very soon on 0.63.04 and it would fix that unwanted behavior.


EDIT: Please don’t use the development snapshots. In a few days we will release the new version with its binaries.