Duplicate Skeleton Problem

Hi folks,
I have a problem duplicating bones. Consistent bones, as is the case with arms and legs.
I always duplicate the complete folder, with graphics and skeleton. The copy always seems to link another parent bone to the original.
I have attached a sample file.

I hope someone has a fix.
Many Thanks
duplicate_bones.sifz (3.44 KB)

See github.com/synfig/synfig/issues … -342844285

Might be related.

Yes, it seems so.

That is very unfortunate. A misfortune when someone fails to provide the software with a simple copy function and confines it to duplicates with some sort of cloning properties.

Too bad, it’s a lot of useless work.
Thanks for the tip.

Edit: Unhappy for the present time, I mean, where such possibilities are widely known.

Sadly this problem exits for more the two years now :frowning: . The commercial info on the Synfig web page says: Bones :Full-featured bone system allows to create cutout animation using bitmap images or control your vector artwork. The Skeleton Distortion layer allows to apply complex deformations to bitmap artwork, but it does not mention that you can not duplicate, copy, reuse, or animate imported rigged characters.

Hay darkspace,

I’m relieved I’m not the only one. I’m not a notorious whiner. I don’t have to have a one-click solution for everything, because I like working. But there are things about software (especially if it calls itself professional and gives out commercial solution) that should be given.

The mirroring of a complex bone system is standard (see Blender, where pages L or R are even renamed the same way).
A Child-Bone subdivision function would also be helpful and would provide a great workflow (divide bones into x-pieces, …numeric).

I am of course glad that Synfig exists, but I had to find out that I have to reduce my projects a lot in order not to spend days with creating bones.

I could imagine that the old masters, experienced old-school animators, draw fast-moving sequences by hand, rather than skeletizing complex in Synfig.

Still, I’m glad I met Synfig. You have to adjust to limits.