Duplicate layer with time offset

I’d like to animate duplicate layer, but each duplication should have different time offset.
like if you duplicated 3 splines, the first one starts at 2f, and the second one starts at 4f, and the third one starts at 6f.
I tried grouping all layers and converting time offset to scale to link with duplicate, but it doesn’t work.

The approach should be correct, I tested it and it worked liked this:

  1. Select the exported Value from the duplicate layer in the library
  2. For the group layer under the duplicate layer (it shouldn’t be inside because it only affects layers below) select Time Offset
  3. Convert time to scale (right click -> convert -> scale)
  4. Right click on “Scalar” and press “Connect” (if it doesn’t show up make sure Step 1 was successful)
  5. Set the “Link” Parameter to the the desired value but be aware that the expression starts at 2f then at 4f etc., means you have to use a negative value. So you need to set it to -2f

I hope this answers your question.
Have fun!