Drawing stays despite new keyframe

please help!
I am quite new to the synfig studio, but i am having some trouble with it. As i have done frame by frame animation up to this point i imported the files to synfig to finish and color them via tablet. but the sketch doesn’t change, despite other key frames, it just continues to sit on top of the various imported images.

I sincerely apologize if i neglected to see the answer posted in the forum …but is there a way to make sure the sketch drawn at one frame is not going to be in another frame where it isn’t needed?
thank you for your time

How did you imported the images? This is important to diagnose the root of the problem.
Is it possible that you zip all the files (sifz and the image files) and post them here? If you cannot share the animation for any reason, can you post a simple sample file with a similar problem?
Please check out this example I prepared some time ago for a challenge:
It uses one of the possible techniques that you can use to animate the imported images to achieve the desired effect.


Are you perhaps trying to colour them using the sketch tool? That tool is just for quick sketches and does not animate.
Please use some of the other art tools if this is the case.

all i’ve done is attempt to draw on more than one imported frame at a time…which doesn’t seem to be right for the program but i don’t know. i’m not even to color it, i suppose there must be another tool for this…but i’m sorry to bother ya’ll
trial.sifz (641 Bytes)

You must provide the ‘lst’ file and the image files to allow us to check what’s wrong with the imported images. Please use a zip compressed file with all the directory included.
I think that you have moved the image files to somewhere or have moved the sif file to other place and the image files cannot be found.


To make a image disappear(without cutting or deleting), go to the params tab and set image Amount to 0.