Drawing shaded objects EASILY in Synfig Studio

Drawing shaded objects EASILY in Synfig Studio

I decided to make this after a recent talk on the forum here. Hope you like it!


useful, thanks.
please add this link to the relevant wiki pages!

What pages would that be? The only “trick” is to draw with the gradient.

maybe a new section in wiki.synfig.org/wiki/Category:Tutorials
… and mentioning that you can use it without blur to achieve cell shading could bring you more audience

thanks again!

I don’t feel that wiki content should be dependant on my personal youtube account. Does synfig have a youtube channel? Perhaps this should have more to do with the documentation subforum, but videos need to be “wikified” and stored in one place. They also, I think, need to be better and much more to the point. I wouldn’t mind making short videos for tool demos etc for embedding into the wiki, but if my own channel is not the appropriate place for wiki content.

Hi, it looks a nice way to create auto-shading, but it seems to work better on rounded circular shapes. I got distortions and bevel like tuff on sharp corners and more complex shapes and it severly slows down my windows version of synfig, which in itself is already slow enough. :stuck_out_tongue: