drawing problems on canvas

hi everbody i meet to synfig just new
i install synfing version of last stabil then i downloanded video tutorial and i worked the program how what is running .everything is ok but when i draw a object in canvas another object just losted in canvas for exemble i suppose draw a cicleis appear then draw a regtangel .cicle is no appear but regtangel is appear …what is solve this …plz help me thx u

sounds your objects(layers) has non composite blend method .
select your object which you just created, go to parameter panel, check its blend method , change to composite.
you can take a look at,the below page to figure out each blend methods


hi again thx for answer i solved the problem on parametrs panel
thnx u very much

glad to heard that.

you are welcome. enjoy Synfiging :wink:

hi i made my first basic animatin but it is very primative i know.although i wana share it with source code .thank u very much for ur interest…
rotating star animation.sifz (1.45 KB)