Draw tool problem

Hello, I’m a new user of Synfig and I’ve already run into a problem, weird problem with draw tool. When I’m trying to draw a shape, draw tool creates some weird shapes and loops instead (e.g. picture shows effect of drawing a circle). It happens every time. I’ve tried reinstalling but it didn’t work.

Zrzut ekranu (22)

Crosscheck that you are using the circle tool, also check the circle properties used before drawing

Problem is with using Draw tool (marked in the image), not circle one. The circle was just an example, but problem happens with drawing anything

Wha t is your Synfig version and what is your OS?

Windows 10 and 1.4.4 synfig version

Can you try 1.5.1 to check if in development version it works as it should?

I didn’t know that something like this exist. But checked and it works properly in 1.5.1. Thanks

I was thinking it was normal to happen :thinking:

But turns out its also a problem in the latest update also… Woah, already two bugs, anyways, not enough to ruin my work.