Drag exact location of shapes from the last frame to another new file. For long animations


When it´s needed to divide a long animation into multiple scenes, into multiple files. How can I drag the location of the last frame of all (or some) layers to a new file? But only the art, the characters. To continue from there.

Hello! Im somewhat of a beginner at Synfig but I would just copy the file and remove everything that I wouldnt need for the new scene.
Out of curiosity is it too long for one file as in its getting slow to work with or just too much going on in the timeline?

Did you try to place a KeyFrame on the last frame, then delete all the previous KeyFrames and move this last KeyFrame at the beginning ?

flurick, thanks. I am also a newbie. I’m going to do my first animation. The animation has 1440 frames. That’s a lot? It seemed a lot to me, that’s why I wanted to do it in several scenes. But I’ll try to do it in one. Although I have another problem with syncing multiple characters (I have discussed this in another thread)

Bob Synfig, thanks. But as I say, I will try to do it in a single file. The truth is that deleting each waypoint one by one (because you can’t drag the mouse and select them) with ctrl + would be such a laborious thing.