Downloading papagayo

Hi so I wanted to install papagayo in either archlinux windows or maybe wine but
I can’t find a appimage ,exe or sorce of it that works
I first looked at original papagayo site i think and all of the links aren’t working so I then searched it on sourceforge and fond a popular fork of it called papagayo ng and downloaded python scripts and run it on arch linux it worked but there was no sound it didn’t saved the files and the frames didn’t play then I downloaded the app image and it simply didn’t start I tried the exe both on wine and windows but they were very distorted like all of the text boxes and keys were in the upper left corner of the window if anyone has a working version of papagayo please give me a link of it or if Iam doing anything wrong please inform me thanks :grinning:

Hi so an update on my problem I found out that if you change the size of papagayo window in windows it will be normal and if you run the wine or the program as root/administrator it will save the file it means that the problem is solved but there is a small issue when I want to play the audio and see how it’s working I it still doesn’t work but in windows I will say IOError: [Errno Invalid sample rate] -9997

That’s like the official supported version for Synfig. It’s usable but also quirky if you work on lengthy audio files.

BTW, official website for the fork you’re talking about :point_down: