dont know how to make a character wink or blink

hello i recently transfer from anime studio to synfig cause i dont have enought money to buy anime studio at the moment

and i downloaded synfig and it quite similer but there are still many things i dont know how to do for example how to make a character blink or close his/her eyes

in anime studio all i would need to do is created the eyes and then draw the pupils in a seperete layer and then mask it however am not sure if this process will work on synfig would anybody be as kind as to show me how to do it hopefully with some screen shots thanks you for reading

For that kind of tasks, animation and compositing techniques are pretty similar in Synfig and Anime Studio.
Please give it a try to the basic manual to be familiar with the interface and common tasks:

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I don’t know exactly the eye that you’re looking for. But perhaps this one might help you a bit to figure out. :slight_smile:
Note: If the thumbnail .gif messed up, just open it in the new tab

Sure everyone have different ways to do one thing. Like those eyes for example. Both are the same eye but done in two different ways. The left one uses the linking concept while the right one was done with one set layer of Region and Advanced outline. There might be more to explore. :wink:

I wish i could. But it is such a long explanations and putting them all here might taking the whole page in the thread. I’m sorry. :frowning:
So instead, i’ll put the .sifz file here for you to explore. Check the layer parameters, waypoint, timelines, etc. (don’t forget the wiki as well :stuck_out_tongue: )
I hope you can understand some of it. :unamused:

OneBlink.sifz (16.5 KB)

And also Genete is right. Exploring, trials and errors, and that wiki (link on Genete’s post above) is always needed when you try to learn something, even the Synfig Studio. I have followed its development for almost a year, but using for real just recently. I have been playing around with it (seriously) for 2 months and i have understand it better than before. Like those eyes, i just started making them two hours ago. (IMPROVEMENTT!!! :mrgreen: )

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this is a pretty good example so what i should do is mask the pupils inside the eyes layer am i right ? :slight_smile:

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I did know a bit of masking but i don’t know exactly how to do it. You can check the .sifz file that i just uploaded and change the background color (that big skin-coloured square) to white and see it for yourself. :wink:

For the masking thing you were asking for, probably changing the interpolation works. :unamused:
Click on the eyelid region (you can see the skin clearly once you changed the BG color to white), check its parameters (dialog boxes at bottom left) and find the one called “Blend method”. Click the option on the right (it should be “Composite”) and change it to “Onto”.

I don’t exactly know the differences between “Onto” and “Straight Onto” but there should be one in the wiki. Better search for it. :mrgreen:

Here is my very simple solution…
I used inkscape to create the character in pieces…

head eyes open
head eyes closed.

I then imported each into synfig. Using the tutorial on Udemy, I created a switch folder for the heads. I made a skeleton and attached bones to the body and to each of the heads so that I could make the head nod and blink at the same time. I created keyframes for when I wanted to switch one head for the other to simulate blinking.

Not too fancy, but it works on a simple level!