Dog head turn

As a preparation for the workshop I’ll do next Thursday I’ve been working on a simple but effective head turn of a silly dog.
If someone want to know how did I do it please ask me for a tutorial :wink:
Meanwhile here is the sifz file:
dog.sifz (15 KB)
here is the video:
Comments are welcome :smiley:

Simple flips can be quite effective if you mask them with some anticipation and follow through.

ah, quite cute, i’ll check the sif file maybe i can learn one thing or two. good job!

The Headturn is really cute. Thank you for posting it.

I’m not able to do something as good as this. But you also asked for critics. The Problem is that the turn is a bit too fast. You just mirrored the head and went on. I think there has to be at least one frame in between and I don’t know how to solve this easily. An other problem is the dogs tongue. In some frames it doesn’t fit with the face. The tongue behaves IMHO very natural, but the face doesn’t follow. So it would maybe better to either animate the face with more frames or let the tongue move a bit less. Anyways it’s a good one - but you asked.

“some anticipation and follow through”? what does this mean? movement before and after the flip?

Yeah! … esentation

What would be an anticipatory move for a human head turn? Eyes move in the direction the head will flip?

It depends on the effect you want to achieve. It is worth to study a frame by frame animation from classic animation films. there are many around internet. Also, any decent animation book is worth to buy and read.

Hi Genete,

I love your video quality…I have an animation in MP4 format and AVI ,when I convert it to WMV to upload it to Youtube, I become unhappy with the quality of the video as it is of a lesser quality…That’s a MAJOR problem as far as I’m concerned…Can you tell me how I can keep my video quality?



I think that step is not needed. … opic=16547


Can I know which format you used for your video?
If you don’t mind of course…

Muchas gracias

I don’t remember. :blush: :blush:
You can download the source form youtube with one Firefox plugin and watch the format I used.

I don’t have Firefox :frowning: