Doesn't recognize "Bold" in rendering

Really weird problem: selecting “Bold” in font weight appears fine in Cairo, but not in regular rendering / preview.

Did you select Cairo in the Preview render? Software render doesn’t recognize the bold parameter, it is a bonus from Cairo only.

I did. But I purposely turned it off, because the standard “Render” option (especially from Remake) doesn’t seem to have an option to render to “file” via Cairo. I usually turn Cairo off in Preview because I always try to get it to look exactly as it should when rendering, and my hunch was right: there were differences, such as this particular one.

Just thought I’d point it out, though… looks like you’ve known it already. :blush:

Text are the one that have more differences from Software render. You have to think twice before use it in production. Maybe you can render before as a lst sequence of images and then include it into remake. After all, it is just a text scrolling, right?

Actually, I did just that. After all, Remake does usually render and use lst image sequences, right? It’s just the “final render” that’s a video file.

Unless you mean something else that I’m not quite getting…

Yes, that’s what I meant.

Thanks for sharing this ideas…