Doesn't baking mean getting rid of the converter?

So when we right-click any property and select “Bake” the program records waypoints on the timeline. I assume that’d also be one way to get rid of the converter on a property for faster caching.

Then how can the user still right-click the baked property and select “Disconnect” losing/deleting all the waypoints…? Is it intended to work that way?

Bake disconnect.sifz (808 Bytes)

Another issue with baking and converter that cost me a lot of time today:

  1. Suppose I want to randomly rotate a box twice with a pause in between
  2. I convert the box rotation handle to “Random”
  3. Bake it (at this point the converter handle is gone)
  4. Set start time to end time so new converter won’t effect backward
  5. Extend the end time
  6. Repeat step 2
  7. Set start time to 0f
  8. Baked waypoints from step 3 all gone

So essentially I’m trying to convert a parameter property twice. Is that even possible? Because in step 3 after baking the converter handle is gone so (as dumb as I may sound) I assume the property is available for converting again and I did exactly that. Got me nowhere.

And it does it. See that the parameter tree view does not show a row expander anymore after baking.

In programming view, yes: the parameter is linked/connected to a “ValueNode_Animated”, i.e, a value node that, instead of computing some stuff like Add, Scale, etc., it stores values at specific times (waypoints) and computes their interpolations.

So, “Disconnect” disconnects this special valuenode type. It should, however, show to user a different action name in this case: “clear animation” or something like that.

Can a property be converted twice then? The first convert is baked before 2nd convertor is applied.

It wouldn’t make sense.

Baked parameters are to make a list of precomputed (=animated) values, instead of computed at each frame at runtime

I thought Synfig could do it. Since row expander goes away after baking. Thanks for the clarification :grin:

You can, but you dismiss the baked animation.

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