Does "synfigstudio" (not "synfig") have command line options?

Does “synfigstudio” (not “synfig”) have command line options?
specially for getting an error log?

I’m in Ubuntu 15.04 in an old 32 bits machine (Pentium® 4 CPU 3.20GHz × 2)

I constantly have crashes with Synfig on my system. From my point of view, they are random, just for moving a handle on the canvas, or moving a layer in the layers panel, or changing a parameter in parameters panel.
So, instead of have a screenshot of the terminal, I wish to have an error log, … to see all the things I did wrong!, like just trying to get a way into a minefield
So I open synfigstudio in terminal:

 synfigstudio > synfiglog.txt 

But, after crashing happens i go to “synfiglog.txt” and just appears one line, showing that synfig is loading. The other messages that appear in Ubuntu’s terminal doesn’t appear.

So… please help. :blush:

Can’t tell for sure, but it seems to me that synfigstudio have only a sif file as an option (version 1.0 also have -c switch to show console output on Windows).

To get all output from the console, do this:

 synfigstudio > synfiglog.txt 2>&1

Thanks Svarov. As soon as I can I’ll try your command. Hope to put my results here. I guess it has something to do with Linux’s redirecting output or pipes. Just for curiosity do you know or have more info about that?. I mean in general, for GNU-Linux systems?. I don’t find the correct words. What does “2>&1” means? … mmand-line