Does synfig have any selection tools?

Does synfig have any selection tools? i’m asking because i made a (brief!) search for any, but came up with ZILCH!!! for instance (for those of u who have used Adobe Photoshop!), is there any selection tools in synfig like the Magic Wand Tool, for instance, or maybe the Polygonal Lasso tool? or even a tool like the Rectangular Marquee Tool?

Thanks in advance!
Also read this:

Thanks Genete! so those r the only selection features synfig has? there r no tools that allow u to select only part of an image, like Photoshop? u can only select layers, and move them around? that SUCKS!!!

i wish there was a way to select certain parts of a jpg image imported into synfig (like i was trying to do!), and manipulate those selections, so that i would not have have to do a lot of work to break the image up into individual files, which i then import into synfig!


Well, since every “object” in synfig is an indivual layer, it is not so bad. Besides, within certain layers, for instance the bline layers, you can move the individual vertices around.

I suggest you first do several of the tutorials, before rushing to conclusions.

Working with many different visual objects is going to be tedious, whether or not they are stored in individual files. Maybe you should consider it a challenge to work around these imperfections of Synfig, and still create something beautiful.


what about when the “object” u want to work on happens to be a jpg image of a character, and so it will be an individual layer? what then? i will only be able to manipulate the whole image, instead of PARTS of the image!!! i don’t see why synfig can’t have selection tools similar to the ones in Adobe Photoshop, such as the Majic Wand, for instance!!! that tool would allow u to select parts of an image that r similar in color, and allow u to move stuff in a larger image around, without having to select the whole **** image layer, and not do SQUAT with it!!! :angry:

and in answer to the last bit, i DO consider it a challenge to manipulate parts of an image in synfig, at least as far as a already-completed image goes!!!

Not trying to get on anybody’s bad side or anything, just noticed this problem and wanted to address it!!! yo!

We can’t have all the fancy Photoshop tools because we don’t have enough people who want to write those features. Would you like to write them?

yes!! but i don’t know how!!! so i will leave it to the experts…

Hey Coolname 007,
what you’re asking is that Synfig (mainly vector program) has more raster handling capabilities.
Synfig have some of the raster modification you’re asking:
and scroll down the page to see the Distortion submenu.
Inside Out
Noise Distort
are the current one we have. Do you want to document them in the wiki? :unamused:

Anyway breaking the image on individual parts and animate them with the cutout technique is the smaller amount of work you should do to create an animation. Less than that is laziness :wink:

hmm…ok! i’ll check them out!!! :unamused:

actually…i just tried the inside out one, but ran into another problem!!! first time it stopped working immediately, and the program crashed!!! and the second time i tried it, the picture DID go inside out, but when i tried moving the green duck, it crashed again!!! SHEESH!! this program is filled with bugs!!! :wink:

i’ll keep trying though, and maybe ONE of these times, it’ll work the way its supposed to, and i can look more closely at the inside out feature, as well as the other ones u mentioned!!! may that day come swiftly and speedily!!! :laughing:

I start to wonder if you did the core assignment after install synfig and synfigstudio in your Windows Vista machine. … _Synfig.3F
Would you please be sure that you have done this?

if u were talking about this line:

Can I do anything to improve the stability of synfigstudio?

If you’re running on a Hyperthreading or multi-core CPU (e.g Pentium 4 with Hyperthreading or Intel Core2 Duo or Quadcore, etc.) then you may find Synfig is more stable if you restrict it to run on only one processor.
[edit] How do I do this on Windows?

To do this on windows, start Synfig Studio, then Ctrl-Alt-Del and choose Task Manager. Select the processes tab, find synfigstudio.exe in the processes list and right click on it. Choose ‘Set Affinity’ and make sure only one CPU is checked. Unfortunately, this setting isn’t preserved so you either have to do this manually each time you start Synfig Studio or use a tool such as the Tom’s Hardware Guide Task Assignment Manager.

Then YES, i have downloaded the Tom’s Hardware Guide Task Assignment Manager, and assigned synfig to run on only ONE processor, instead of both!!! i have already done that, because i DID watch the install walkthrough video, as much as u probably don’t believe that i have, and have adjusted the setup accordingly!!! :unamused:

but the program still crashed!!! :angry:

it is very difficult to maintain a program working perfect on every operating system, hardware, etc. etc.
So ,to help each other we should try to solve one problem each time.
Please stick to one thread only and try to do any of the steps and requirements we ask you to repeat and isolate the problem. Dont ask for the same problem in different threads. It is annoying for the thread creator and for anyone that want to help you.

Would you please start a new thread about the crash you have (one thread per crash if more than one different situation) when zooming an image and report the following detailed information?

(Please don’t blame on me about that you have already tell us this information, we are having patience with you, please have patience with us)

  1. Operating system and version. Synfig and Synfigstudio versions
  2. Resume of your hardware
  3. For the specific case of zoom in a image layer:
    3.1) Is the problem repeatable?
    3.2) Can you provide a sample file (the image file and the sifz file that imports it)
    3.3) How can I try to reproduce the crash? Detailed steps
    3.4) Is this problem repeated with other kind of images?

Thank you very much for make efforts to allow us to repeat the crashing.

Right! i apologize!!! i’m kind of new to the whole synfig project, so all this stuff is pretty foreign to me right now!!! i’ll try to start a new thread on the problem with all the info u requested!!! yo!