Does anybody use these "Bone Handles"?

I don’t know what they were supposed to do/show/control, but I think they are broken and not needed:

  • Show Bone Setup Handles
  • Show Recursive Scale BOne Handles
  • Next Bone Handles

Captura de tela 2023-01-23 17:56:11

As far as I could track it down, it was added before 0.64.1-rc1 release, commit e0a271032f1ed27cf1957a1360e7c26690bae752 on Jan 22 2008) :

“Add a new toggle - whether to show local or recursive scale ducks. Not yet functional, but the status is updated. alt-8 to toggle, alt-9 for the 3-state.”

I don’t but to be fair I’m seeing that menu for the first time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just started using it.

And they are useful for?

It works with Skeleton deformation layer. It is like in recursive scale mode, shapes stretches without scaling when i change the bone length.

I guess they are for a previous implementation of bones and skeletons.
Apparently a bone stored its initial pose (setup): angle and scale, now they don’t.

  • Regular Skeleton Layers stores this info simply in animated value nodes (initial waypoint)
  • Skeleton Deformation layer stores each bone now as a bone pair, actually: the initial pose and animated pose. And to view the initial pose, user shall disable the layer.
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Great! Can you show me? :slight_smile:

Of course. Wait a while. :grinning:

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So that’s what “Recursive scale” is for.
What about the “Show Bone Setup Handles” and “Next Bone Handles”, could you investigate them for me?

“Show Bone Setup Handles” is grayed out, at least in the Synfig that I’m using, hence I’m unable to activate it. And the “next bone handle” did exactly the same what “recursive scale” did.

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Also when used with normal skeleton layer, recursive scale mode has a different kind of stretch effect.

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Thank you, Kai!

So it seems it should be disabled for Skeleton Layer, right?

@KonstantinDmitriev should I remove the Bone Setup Handles?

It was in previous implementation (before 2013?) and initial pose concept was removed.

Yes, all 3 items are safe to remove.

@KonstantinDmitriev Kai found an utility/use case for “Recursive Bone” Does anybody use these "Bone Handles"? - #9 by Kai .
Should we remove even though? (I vote for yes lol)