DocumentFreedomDay:Let's get rid of non-free Flash websites

Let’s get rid of non-free Flash websites

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Some websites have already switched their media to HTML5 technologies, but most organisations, including governments, public administrations, newspapers, and television stations, still force their users to install Flash. Should citizens be required to sacrifice their freedom and safety just to browse online? […]

What is Document Freedom Day?

It is a day for celebrating and raising awareness of Open Standards and formats which takes place on the last Wednesday in March each year. On this day people who believe in fair access to communications technology teach, perform, and demonstrate.[…]

We use Flash for the website Gallery. Let’s start with ourselves! :wink:

I’ve just recently uninstalled Flash on my Linux Mint box at home. Ironically, my day job is programming Flash, so I still use it at work on Windows. But I’m on a campaign to get my company to ditch Flash by the end of the year.