Documentation unification --> Template !

As it’s said in this middle age post, the documentation writers should use {{Literal|File}} and {{Shortcut|ctrl}}

I have updated the “Template Style And Syntax” page according to this.
And have added categories : Formating, Extras, Shortcut , Literal, More informations , to reorganize the page

Was this the only missing rules ???


It looks great. I just miss one example for DevNotesBegin and DevNotesEnd templates.

For the moment I don’t see more templates needed. We can add them if we find other needs.

“DevNotesBegin and DevNotesEnd” <— effective
Links <-- unification

Has a global wiki revision process has occured (but why now? hebernating for winter? :slight_smile: ), the wiki is actually “fixed”, so, to have a look to last modifs" ,

Question : Somebody know something about NiceTip [edit]and Table (done)[/edit] template entries ?