document not well formed

i try to open a picture in synfig but it wont let me… it says document not well formed

i think this has something to do with the core, but when i try to go through and build synfig i get to the part where i put in the terminal sh and it wont open: sh: Can’t open

Are you trying to open an image or import it? Images are imported, open is only for synfig work files. (.sif or .sifz)

i did try importing as well the picture shows up blank

anyway to fix this?

everything turns out blank for that matter even when i try to draw

The best way to fix all that is to reinstall synfigstudio again. Please download the latest stable binary package and install it again in your system.
When building Synfig it is not a good idea to run synfigstudio it if you’re not sure that it has finished the build procedure completely because you can end up with a mixed library system that might mess up things (core is newer than studio) and the results are unexpected. Sometimes the library missmatch is detected and sometimes not, depending on the differences of the versions.
To clean up the current installation you can go to your home folder and delete the ./synfig folder you can find there:

$ cd /home/myusername $ rm -r ./synfig

This folder keeps the user preferences and history of the Synfig application.

Then fully install the package from here and you can safely run Synfig Studio again.