Do not apologize for bad english


If you don’t speak english natively please do not apologize about it.
Most users here are not living in english speaking countries.
Your english is just perfect enough, we can for the most of the time figure out what you mean and understand you just fine.
We do not look down on people not speaking and typing english fluidly here at this forum.

Now; welcome, bienvienu, välkommen, hola, etc.


+1 :mrgreen:


Its good to know that ryllman…!! That you really don’t bother about english language. As nowadays there are plenty of communities that restrict users who don’t know proper wording. :neutral_face:


+1 too :smiley:


Bonjour à tous

"Do not apologize…? very thanks!

I practice Synfig since few months and the most difficulte it s to understand the language.
Synfig not so easy to use, but very big capacity i begin to fall in love with it.

Don’t know where to presente myself. I am just a person with the virus of " drawing " since i was born ^^
and now decide to animate…

…until i die ?
(want to learn humour too…)

Happy to be here, ty …


Stycklobill bonjour and bienvenue here.

Il existe une partie du forum pour les francophones … n’hesite pas… cepedant, si tu fait “l’effort” de poster en anglais tu auras potentiellement plus de reponses.

Aussi, pour ton apprentissage de synfig, il existe un tutorial pas a pas sur le wiki



I would like to appreciate you. Through this forum post you are try to encourage every reader to speak in English. Thank you for your forum post.


That’s really appreciative.