Display PNGS on separate frames

Hello Synfig community, this is my 2nd thread, and I am running into some difficulties again. I have a sequence of 5 PNGS, which I made into a Gif, that animates just fine on its own, but synfig doesn’t seem to support importing this mini gif animation into my bigger synfig animation file. Now I tried to put these 5 PNGS into the syngfig file as a workaround, but also, I can’t seem to figure out how to make each PNG image only visible on 1 frame.

Thanks for your help (if you can).

Click image to see the Gif in action

Also here is a couple modes of my main animation if you are curious:


There are two ways to do this: .lst layers and switch groups. I think both are described on wiki and discussed on this forum. Video to .lst generation can be easily automated.

I appreciate your reply, but I actually haven’t found anything useful about switch groups on google, wiki, or these forums. Everything is very sparse, and I just don’t get how to change the active image of the switch group for different frames of the synfig animation.

Why does synfig make this so difficult, wouldn’t it make sense to be able to just drag and drop an image onto a frame, and that’s what places on that frame? I’m going to end up tearing my hair out over this.

I found one solution, I set the alpha to 0 for each PNG that I don’t want showing on a frame, and then the alpha to 1 for the one that I want to show on the frame… hip hip hurrah! No group switch needed, though, I still would be open to knowing that method if anyone has a link to a good in depth tutorial for it.

i wish there is one, but i think i can explain it a bit, i’ll try to make it understandable (but it might be difficult…) :unamused:

Switch layer will let you select which layer (even group and filter layers) that you want to show at a certain point or time
it can only select one layer, so if you need to show several layers, group them first

here’s an example

it’s almost the same as what you did as a workaround (setting some alpha parameters),
but with switch group layer you select which layer you want to show up, by selecting it in Active Layer Name (it’s at the bottom of the switch group’s parameter)

the list of its content depends on the orders of layers inside of it
and the active layer will have its own indication in its name at the layer panel (the font got bold-ed out)
make sure you name each layer properly so you wont have trouble on finding it

here’s that file by the way
switch.sifz (4.68 KB)

Pretty much the same reason why in the over 10 years of existence there were not much (if any at all) major changes. The code is bad.

That’s not to say that this specific feature is really hard to implement (i didn’t look at the specific parts), but from my pov it isn’t worth much to add small features when there are other virtually unfixable issues.

Perfecto Fadhilkwan, thank you so much for sharing your tutorial, that really helps so much!

Here is my finished animation:
(click to view)

You’re welcome! I’m glad that i could help :smiley: