Disable ALT drag window in GNome Shell

Recently I’ve moved to Linux Mint and I’ve sadly found how difficult is to disable the behavior of the ALT - drag window feature.
By default, Gnome uses the ALT key modifier to drag windows around. In Synfig Studio is used ALT drag hugely in many tools and widget behaviors.
I’ve found that the responsible for that behavior is the gnome configuration key called:

In others it is called:


but in Linux Mint that is its name.

By default that key is set to ‘’. I’ve cleaned the key, set it to ‘’, set it to ‘disabled’, and nothing. :frowning:
I can’t disable the dragging behavior and it doesn’t stop doing it. I’ve searched around but the few forums that talk about this points to change that gnome configuration key.

Any idea how to disable the behavior or map other key for that?

Do you use Compiz? I’ve set window dragging in compiz to alt+super drag and have no problems using the alt-key in applications. Mint 11+10+ubuntu9.04.

In Fedora 16 (GNOME3.21, Mutter as WM) , gconftool-2 -t str --set /apps/metacity/general/mouse_button_modifier "" works well.

As you see, Mutter is still using some keybindings from metacity, and the dev told it will replaced in the near future.

In your case, you have to figure out which WM used as rylleman mentioned :slight_smile:

Hmmm, looks like the new Linux Mint 12 is using another different Window Manager (marco).
Before install compiz I’ll give a try to LMint forums.

Not sure about Mint, but I had the same problem with Ubuntu Oneiric (remember the alt-click to remove waypoints issue?)

The Alt-drag is governed by Compiz settings, and all I had to do was make it Shift+Alt+Super+drag instead. :laughing:

The option is at CompizConfig > Window Management > Move Window. Adjust the setting there as I have.

Hope it helps!

Go into System Settings, then Windows.

Change “Modifier to use for modified window click actions” to whatever you desire.

Took me about a half hour to find out all those commands and Compiz settings were useless.