Difference between "Group Layer" and "Switch Group Layer"

So I am trying to read about the layers in Synfig. I came across the Group Layer and Switch Group Layer. I am not able to see the need of “Switch Group Layer”. We can achieve the same functionality of “Switch Group Layer” through “Group Layer” by just tweaking the Z Range parameters. Did I miss something? or Is “Switch Group Layer” just a “Group Layer” with less functionality?
Any help would be appreciated!
Thank you

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Hi! The purpose of “Switch Group Layer” is to switch layers by name. While Group Layer’s Z-Range uses layer order to identify layers. Changling layer order might mess your animation. For “Switch Group Layer” this is not the case.


Also, Switch Layer permits to select one and only one Layer/Group at a time.
Just modifying Z-Range parameter could have side-effects depending on the Blending Mode, unless you also set Amount of each other layer to 0, long and heavy task (:sos:, job for :pig:)…
Switch Group Layer is definitely fully needed!


Thank you for clarifications :slight_smile:
I guess now I understand what’s the difference.