Dialogue of characters with Papagayo. Let each audio and mouth movement start at a certain moment


Dialogue between two characters. Using the Papagayo file sync, how can I trigger each lip movement in time?

With audio, I have seen that there is a Delay property. But with the mouth animation, how do I make it start at a certain time?

It so happens that several years ago I did some animations with GoAnimate. And I come to Synfig with certain guidelines and ways of working that I got used to those days.

But I am beginning to realize that here you have to work in a different way. I thought I would create two audio tracks, both with the same length, the length of the entire project. In one will be the voice of a character, the entire dialogue complete and in the other the voice of the other character. That way I can assign each character to lip sync with Papagayo. Everything will fit … I hope! When I have it published I will share it here :slight_smile:

In Synfig, you can load audio layers as they were audio tracks.
You can’t see them together however.
Audio support is relatively new in Synfig

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Okay, I’ve been doing tests and I’m going to solve it like this: there´s two characters, so I create two sets of lip syncs. There´s no problem with that. I have imported both .pgo files and they sound at the same time and move each mouth correctly. But as I said, they both have the same full animation duration, with their corresponding silences.

Also, I have created a third audio with both voices on it. And I have placed this in the Sound window to be able to see the drawing of the complete wave, since it helps to visualize and place yourself in time.

When I’m done, I’ll show it here. Thanks for all the help!