Demo-27 Ivan turns and smiling to Morevna

Here’s another shot ready for tracing and animation. Headturn.

27-ivan.gif (438 KB)

I put the sources into an archive in case if someone who have no access to git will want to give it a try.

I should be honest here - I not really sure what the full headturn will be suitable for that shot. Maybe just the last keyframe will be enough. But I won’t sleep well if we will not try that.

Please use the Spherize layer to achieve proper effect during the eye movement. There is no need in variable line width here (or maybe just a little of it…). Cloth movement should be quick, but tweened (smooth), because it’s more flexible in this case, than using the Canvas Switch. Shading will be done later.

Thanks God this is only a profile to 3/4 head turn! But lots of hair parts there! :laughing:
Good work Zelgadis!

Looking closer to the keyframe images I notice that the eyebrow’s shape seems to be mirrored compared to the first sketches. Is that intentional?

Yes, that’s intentional. The first drafts refers to the first Ivan character layout.

All drafts produced since 28.12.2008 refer to new reworked Ivan layout.

WIP. Sources in git as usual.



My apologies again for being not in rythm these days. I’m here with you, everyone and struggle to settle things right! Cheers!

Awesome draft keyframes really! I just trace them at two different frames and Synfig did the rest! :wink:

Ready to animate the jacket :slight_smile:

Notice, what the jacket’s collar is slightly deformed during headturn:

I know, I know.
That’s why I separated the movable part of the jacket from the “static” (not so static) part of the jacket. You can see it in git.
BTW, how did you do deform it using the same bitmap? Is it just a rotation? I see exactly the same pencil strokes there but slightly deformed.

Other thing, I would like to correct Ivan’s right eye iris and pupil direction in the second keyframe. I followed strictly the keyframe but I see it a bit looking down, so I wish to make it look more towards the camera. This is the most important thing to take care on this shot, because most of the viewers would look directly to his eyes…

Any blink? It is doing a lot of hair!
No hairs movement with the wind?

I would like to add more things like that from my own but I need to know your opinion, dear Director :slight_smile:

I really thought I posted an answer on this thread, but some reason I just realized what it isn’t here! ^_^’’

I’ve used GIMP’s IWarp filter (interactive distortion).

I do like the current pupil direction. Though I wold like to see pupil and iris stretched more. I tried to tune it in git, but messed up eyes animation. Though, I have achieved a desired iris/pupil look at the first keyframe. I’m not succeeded in 4th keyframe - eyes not look good there. Also I noticed that whole eye shape is significantly differs from draft.

No blink, both hands for hairs movement! Faster, not so slow as in 14. :slight_smile:

:laughing: :laughing:
I wanted to say " a lot of wind!

I did a new commit to separate the pupil direction correction from the first one that I did following the drafts. Is the first commit or the second the one that you like?

There is a Stretch layer on one of them. The value I set on it was the limit to my taste.

If it is not your taste, should I continue working on that version?. I’m not updated my branch with your modifications yet, so I’m on time to correct them again according to your desires.

Oh!, I’m sorry for that. Please correct the deviations or tell me where they are and I’ll correct them. I don’t want to make any modification without your agreement.

Hey, no more apologies! Everyone knows you doing a great job! I don’t want to stifle anyone by saying “there’s something wrong here and there”, I just trying to define further direction of work, maybe sometimes mostly for myself. Please understand it right. ^___^

I’ve made some progress on correcting 27. Will commit it soon.

OK, I’ve done it.

Sources are in git. I’ve tried ease in/out for turn, but decided to go better without it. Aded shading drafts.

Need shading and hair movement on the wind.

Hmmm, sincerely I prefer the first version. It seems to be excessive head tilting considering that the head lies on the ground. That’s my honest opinion.
What’s the next step in the scene working?

Yes, maybe a little too much rotation. But for now it’s ok.
Nest step is shading. 2-level.

There is a visible gap of the shadow in the first keyframe because you composed the shadows onto a region. Is that lighted area intentional?

No, that’s not intentional. That’s exactly because I’m composed the shadows onto a region (to compensate headturn). There should be no “thin light area” in traced shadow.

Here is my best:

Maybe I messed it up because I did strange things with git. Please verify if everything is in its place. :slight_smile:

PS: Watching the old head turn and this new one I start liking the last one a lot!

Cool! You fixed the eye artifacts with Super Sample layer! I didn’t knew the way to fix this!
Nice trick with hairs shadow.
Don’t worry about conflicts in git - it seems what you have successfully resolved them.
It’s a good thing what face shadows are grouped together - that will allow me to edit them independently and easily merge them if we will have conflicts in git.
Please proceed to the neck and jacket.