Demo-21: Ivan falls to the ground

Here’s keyrames for another shot.

Just two keyframes to trace. Images already inserted into the d09 and d11 canvases inside of 21-composition.sif file. There is no need to make smooth transition between those two poses, because we are switching canvases during camera movement at 13f.

I colored images a bit to make it easier to distinguish one part of cloth from another. Also I made hairs a separate layer. Maybe its worth to add some hairs movement during fall like we did in shot 14.

Please do not use variable line width on those keyframes. As usual shading is had to be done.

Source files: … fb7797d2ac

Nice! I want to give it a try!. :smiley:

The sources are in git already. Once you add the shading I’ll add the colors, the variable line width, the shading and maybe some quick hair and jacket movement :wink:.

Shading is ready. … 191ef3dcdd

Draft images are already inserted into sif file.