OK, I need someone to help with the shot 14.


We need to trace Ivan’s image in synfig. Drafts to trace here:
I like the first image better, but the hairs on second image are more detailed. I think it is good to have detailed hairs on close-up shot. :slight_smile: So the base image will be first, but hairs will go from second.

In this scene Ivan is not animated.

No colors? No eyes? Shadows?

Only a single color on a transparent background? No highlights?


Yeah, no colors. After tracing will be done, we put .sif file into git repo and link a colors from /lib/colorchart-ivan.sif file.

Shadows will be added later.

No eyes. It is a matter of style. I have an image with eyes ( … ions_6.png), but in current situation it will produce different mood.

So the hair from the image of the right and the rest from the image of the left.


Right! :slight_smile:


More WIP:

I do like shape flow on the head very much.
But the outline looks too thick on the cloth.

Thanks :smiley:

Easy to fix, isn’t it? :wink:


Demo14-hair.sifz (27.5 KB)

I hope you like it.

I do!
Thank you! Commiting right now.

I miss just one thing in the traced image: small scars.

Natalya is working on shading right now.

Oh I missed it! :smiley:
I’ll update it this evening. I hope it merges the sif file rightly with Natalya shading.

It will.

Ok. Now I need shadows traced. Reference image: … 7343101dcc .

I guess you also have to specify whether you want one shading value or multiple levels…


Meanwhile Tuxfamily fixes permits I’m posting the resulting file here.
Please comments.
14.sif.tar.gz (62.4 KB)

Here is the result after color from the chart.
Did you change the jacket color from white to grey?