Demo-02 Ivan lying on the road (close up)

New scene is ready for tracing. Single static keyframe.


Sources are in git: … 4f;hb=HEAD
Please use constant line width for this shot. Shading will go later.


For the moment the shots are not very complicated but it will be better if the tracer has an idea of the shades. I say this because you have seen how complex is to produce shadows with scattered layers (see 27) so in other more complex scenes it will help to know how the main shades will go, in order to not complicate (or at last make it easier to add the shadows later) the composition thinking on further shade additions.

Can I add the basic colors? (oops! I’m assuming I’m going to trace it!) Anyone apart of me want to try it? :slight_smile:

Yes, I think you are right. It will be better to submit shading before tracing…
I have nothing against adding colors from colorchart. :slight_smile:

Hairs are slightly reworked:

…and here goes the shading:

Note: Those images are not commited into git yet.

Damn, I’ve f***ed up keyframe drafts again…

Here’s new version (already traced):

Nice keyframe!
I have some critics though

  1. Isn’t his skin tone so pale?
  2. The shadows dropped from Ivan doesn’t match the shadows dropped by Morevna. This is an impossible shadowed composition because the light comes from the north-west to Ivan and the light comes from south-east to Morevna… which is impossible. It is a beautiful scene but inconsistent. I’m sorry for notice it :frowning: In Scene 03-Morevna stands over Ivan, the light comes from her north-east which might be acceptable with this scene.

Great drawings anyway!

EDIT: ugh… very confusing shadows. Looking slowly I really don’t know where the light comes from…

Ha-ha! This shadow (including background and colors) just quick and dirty stuff. ^__^ I was so eager to post last WIP yesterday, so I just put everything into heap. ^^’’ Thanks for pointing out on issues!